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5 Effective Healthy Grilling Tips You Should Know About

Want to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Then start grilling your food! Cooking your food on the grill generally healthier than cooking it over the stove or on the oven, but there are plenty of other ways how you can keep your food even more nutritious through grilling. Follow these effective healthy grilling […]

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Criminal Acts and Fate Q and A

Question: “Isn’t there always deliberation involved with behavior? Wouldn’t you say that an individual who deliberates is free to commit a crime or not, which would indicate most crimes even fraud or murder aren’t fated?” Answer: We would like to believe that life’s unpleasantness is avoidable, that bad behavior can be prevented, but our long-term […]

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The Affair Of State

It is this coming January that the State of The Union address is supposed to be given. Who ever is President at the time ought to reveal the true and factual state of our nation. Contrary to previous addresses the United States has descended into a quagmire of distension, vast inequality, and sociological upheaval unprecedented […]

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