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New Novel Blends Adventure With Self-Help to Create Magical Read

Dennis Galloway’s new novel, The Pen, is an entertaining mix of fantasy, adventure, humor, romance, and life-changing principles that any reader can apply to improve their lives. The story begins in 1920 Edinburgh, Scotland, and it has all the magic and mystery associated with the works of other authors who wrote in that time period […]

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How Do You Feel About Leaving Work to Go Home?

Not wanting to leave work isn’t necessarily about being a workaholic. There can be a myriad of reasons why we may feel uncertain, reluctant or even afraid about leaving work at the end of each day. There are those who will be incredulous that this might be a ‘thing’; they can hardly wait for clocking-off […]

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A Challenge

I always try things that I recommend for my clients to make sure that they are reasonable and achievable. Over the years, when clients have indicated that they are struggling financially I ask them “How much do you spend on groceries in a month?” Then “How much do you spend eating out or ordering in>?” […]

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Developing Self-Belief Doesn’t Happen Overnight

If someone is in a position where they lack self-belief, they may look into what they can do to develop it. Then again, they could merely put up with what is taking place and do their best to carry on as normal. The reason for this is that they may believe that there is nothing […]

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