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How Does Fear Impact Divorce?

Are you a parent going through or who is already divorced? How are things in your divorce situation? Is it a constant battle between you and the ex or are the two of you able to make it work? What is the greatest pain you are enduring? Are you concerned about the negative effects of […]

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Uniquely Recent American Sperm Donor Story In 21st Century

Centers of advanced fertility programs enable a section of population to enjoy being parents in their lifetime. Human sperm donor programs resulted. Modern Science lent a huge part to succeed in this beneficial effort to get the final happiness to the would be parents. Altruistic persons were kind enough to donate their sperms to the […]

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Covid-19 – Why Does the Fatality Rate Appear to Be Falling Off?

It seems to have become an article of faith to those who, for whatever strange reason, feel an obligation to underplay the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, that notwithstanding the apparent resurgence of the virus it is somehow less threatening or less deadly this time around. Whilst case numbers are increasing, they argue, any corresponding […]

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Beware Of The Political MIRAGE!

Have you ever witnessed, any recent, sequence – of – events, and thought of the analogy, of using, smoke – and – mirrors? Historically, many politicians, have successfully, used, and implemented, the politics of diversion, and using some political spin, for their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, recently, it seems, we […]

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